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Just a few more hours..

and then a few more days..

Lone Starr: [sees Barf carrying a lot of luggage] Checking in? What the hell is all that?
Barf: [unintelligable from the bag in his mouth] Ith her oyal igness' atched uggage!
Lone Starr: What?
Barf: [pulls the bag out of his mouth] Her royal higness' matched luggage!

Its 1:20am and as I pack my backpack I keep getting flashbacks to the movie Spaceballs and the princesses match luggage. Mind you, I'm not a princess nor do I have a sidekick named barf (though if i did..!)

That romanticized notion of backpacking across europe kind of loses its appeal once you fill that thing up and stand in front of the mirror with the straps and dangling and a 2 foot hump sticking out from your back. Maybe if I wear a cape the whole time people will think I'm a hunchback? Maybe not.. Regardless I'm sure the backpack thing will be more enjoyable than carting around luggage. I'm also attempting to formulate the longest sentence ever using the words: back, pack and sack.. It should be done by the time the trip is over.

At any rate. 12 hours till I goto New Jersey. 5 days till London.

Oh and one more quote.. I can't resist, sorry:

Dark Helmet: Now what is it?
Radar Technician: I'm having trouble with the radar, sir.
Dark Helmet: What's wrong with it?
Radar Technician: I've lost the bleeps, the sweeps, and the creeps.
Dark Helmet: The what?
Colonel Sandurz: The what?
Dark Helmet: And the what?
Radar Technician: You know. The bleeps.
[makes bleep sound effect]
Radar Technician: The sweeps.
[makes sweep sound]
Radar Technician: And the creeps.
[makes creep sound]
Dark Helmet: [to Colonel Sandurz] That's not all he's lost.

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Pre-Travel Blog Entry Part Deux

My lack of attention to detail gets me again

"well thats awkard" says the clerk at adventure 16 (in west la)

"i'm never eating here again!" says me

Let me backup.. This isn't a restaurant. This is an oudoors store and the sales person was giving me a demo of the Eagle Creek - Grand Voyage 90L backpack when a giant beetle scurries out from underneath and disappears into the wall of backpack accessories.

I got the backpack anyway. Once I got home though, I realized that its not going to fit as a carryon. So that was a waste of time afterall.

Anyway, this is the last entry before my trip (out of respect, non-travel blogs on a travel blog website are pointless eh?). I booked my flight to New Jersey.. I head off to London on July 1st.. word

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The first step to travelling is starting a blog about it.

The second step is to pick a template..


and the third is to stress about not having your stuff together and you have a few weeks until you leave. Dear airlines, please lower your prices as opposed to what you're doing now. I need to get to newark from LA in a week and a half or my trip will be f'd!

Anyway, stay tuned for my adventures in backpack shopping!

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